WWII Memoirs – 1944 – Honolulu

Honolulu, circa 1944

Honolulu, circa 1944

On my first day off I went into Honolulu. Kipapa airfield was less than an hour away. Honolulu was the ‘Place were the action was,’ it was the Capital, It was the “Big City.” But to me it was a different kind of city than I was accustomed to. It had no “High Rise” buildings. The Honolulu I see on TV today bears little resemblance to the Honolulu I saw in 1944.

I had some preconceived images of Honolulu, and Hawaii in general—palm trees, sunny beaches, native girls—they were all there—but so were hundreds of G.I.s.!! They were everywhere. At times the pedestrian traffic flowed into the streets. It had the atmosphere of a never-ending holiday. I loved it!

Although our squadron was to photograph the various islands many times from the air I never got to visit any of them personally. I would especially have liked to have seen Kaui and Maui. However, I found Oahu to offer plenty of “resort” enjoyment, and I and my buddies were to spend many an afternoon basking in the sun at waikiki and sipping “refreshments” at the Royal Hawaiian Lounge.

My first day off was well-spent.

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