WWII Memoirs – 1944 – Diving Into The Breakers at Wiamea

Waimea Bay, Hawaii (wikipedia)

Waimea Bay, Hawaii (wikipedia)

One of the most exciting and challenging experiences I had during my time in Hawaii was diving into the breakers at Wiamea Bay on the coast of Oahu. Recently on TV I had been watching some surf boarders on those same waters, now sixty-five years later. Only they handled those waves in a more elegant manner than the members of our squadron.

Instead of riding the waves, we simply dived into the monstrous on-coming wall of water, and let it tumble us were ever it deposited its flotsam. In those few seconds you had no control of your body until the sea let go of you. I think that that momentary wild abandon of one’s self, and the survival, was the basis of the excitement.

When the sea released its grip, you were lying on the beach, fighting the receding water rushing by you, trying to drag you back into the sea. Your nose and ears were filled with sand which had to be cleaned before the next “dive.”

As my mind drifted back to that time, I asked myself, “Why did we do foolish things like that? Why did we take such chances?” I guess the answer to concerns like that start with the fact that all of us were about twenty years old, and second, we didn’t see them as risky.

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