Okinawa Diary – May 9, 1945


May 8, 1945, continued…

… area not far from the shore. We’re in pup tents and the first time I eat K rations.

May 9, 1945

Still in the same area. Today some of boys from “C” flight came over to see us (“C” flight was the detachment from our squadron that went to Saipan in June ’44. They arrived here about two weeks ago.)

Tonight I drew guard duty, and during the air raid I saw my first Jap plane. It wasn’t much of a raid, because only a couple of planes were over the island. This one was very high and traveling very fast and he looked small in the spotlights. (We are 8-10 miles behind the lines).

May 10, 1945

Today we moved to the area where C-flight is set up and for the first…

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5/10 - 5/12 - I was down at the lab which C-flight has set up at the foot of the hill. They showed me where a Jap bomb had landed and burned the roof of the main lab building...