Okinawa Diary – May 7, 1945


May 6, 1945, continued…

a bit, but nothing happens. 2 more later. This afternoon we’re supposed to get off, but after waiting for three hours with our equipment on, we’re told that we’re staying on board.

We suppose that the situation at Okinawa isn’t so bad and we’re probably going there after all.

May 7, 1945

Still aboard ship, laying off leshima. This is the island that Ernie Pyle was killed on about two weeks ago. This afternoon we shove off and make the short trip to Okinawa. We dropped anchor in Nakagusuku Bay around 5:00.

Tonight, during a driving rain, we stood at the rail and watched flares…

[Edit note: leshima: Iejima (aka Ie Shima)]

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