Okinawa Diary – May 6, 1945


May 6, 1945

Today we’re in the waters west of Okinawa in the Ryuku Group. We’re to disembark today. Everybody’s up early. Its still dark and off to the east star shells flare up where the fighting is going on.

During the morning we’re informed that we’re not going to land on Okinawa because of Jap paratroops landing near that vicinity.

So our ship proceeds north to the small island of leshima, west of the northern part of Okinawa. Along the way, up the coast we can see the shelling on the front lines. Tonight the first night at leshima we had our first air raid…

[Edit note: leshima: Iejima (aka Ie Shima)]

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5/6 - 5/7 - Still aboard ship, laying off leshima. This is the island that Ernie Pyle was killed on about two weeks ago...