Okinawa Diary – May 30, 1945


May 29, 1945, continued…

… gold teeth out of the dead Japs with a pair of pliers.

Another fact about the raid was the fact that only a few got through. A group of P-47’s returning from Kyushu came upon this large formation of Jap planes from behind and shot down 101. If they hadn’t chanced upon them the suicide troops might have destroyed the airfield or most of the planes.

May 30, 1945

Rained most of day. Played poker tonight. Two alerts tonight.

May 31, 1945

Today the sun finally came out. Clear.

June 1, 1945

Worked down at organizational dump. Mud up to our ankles. One alert tonight. Nothing happened.

June 2, 1945

Worked at lab tonight and did first drafting since arriving here. Intermittent rain.

June 3, 1945

Air alert early this…

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6/1, 6/4 - 6/7 - Rained all day. Inside most of the time. On guard tonight...