Okinawa Diary – May 29, 1945


May 28, 1945, continued…

… to ours. It went through the tent, a mattress, blanket, web belt and a shovel. Flak is the main reason for taking shelter.

West and Young under the table. Meeks with barracks bag on head. So tonight we rebuilt our foxhole.

May 29, 1945

Listened to shelling from front lines. (Naha-Shuri) last night and early this morning. It gets quite heavy some nights.

Right now our forces are trying to take Shuri Castle. Had pictures of it at lab last night. Slept nearly all day. Alert tonight, nothing happened. Clear moon for a raid.

Heard an incident about the Jap suicide raid the other night. A marine shot four Japs and by the time he got to them to take souvenirs some other marines had stripped them completely.

Another incident is the one about the Marine who went around the next morning pulling the…

(Suicide troops. That’s what it was.)

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5/29 - 6/3 - Worked at lab tonight and did first drafting since arriving here....