Okinawa Diary – May 26, 1945


May 25, 1945, continued…

… snipers were killed in the tomb on which Holt sat while taking the pictures.

Dead Japs are scattered on the runway and around the wrecked planes. This was probably one of the surprises that Japs had been talking about.

Today we’re supposed to start unloading the ship with our equipment. I’m on the beach detail. But it’s postponed and all we do is ride down and back. We spent the rest of the day playing poker. I find that I’m twenty dollars ahead for the weeks playing.

Raining outside.

May 26, 1945

Was on K.P. today. It rained all night and it’s a miserable day for K.P. Changed stocks three times and fatigues twice. Just as muddy inside the tent as outside. No alert tonight.

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5/27 - 5/28 - Early this morning a sniper was killed not far from our area, probably one who escaped from the planes...