Okinawa Diary – May 17, 1945


May 16, 1945, continued…

… several planes came over. One droped a few bombs on Kadena and another on Yontan. We didn’t see any fires start. There was plenty of Ack-Ack, but inaccurate. Today Young, Lopez and Gaze found a Japanese Post Office and brought back Jap stationary, and a bunch of maps and books.

May 17, 1945

Today we finally get cots to sleep on. Also heard that Japs claimed to have sunk our convoy while in Ieshima Harbor. Three air alerts tonight, but nothing happened.

May 18, 1945

Nothing of importance today.

May 19, 1945

Nothing today. One Jap plane raided Yonton Field early tonight this morning and hit a Navy “Privateer” (B-24). We watched the explosion from our area.

May 20, 1945

No air raids, weather getting cloudy.

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5/21 - 5/25 - There is a full moon tonight and we’re expecting the Japs over in force. The alert has already sounded...