Okinawa Diary – May 10, 1945


May 10, 1945, continued…

… time in nearly a year the squadron is together again. I’m glad to see all the boys again, especially Bob Peel.

We pitch our pup tents again because our tents haven’t been unloaded. Air raid alert again tonight.

May 11, 1945

I was down at the lab which C-flight has set up at the foot of the hill. They showed me where a Jap bomb had landed and burned the roof of the main lab building. This had happened a few days ago. Incidentally, our area is situated between the airfields of Kadena and Yontan, which are the usual bombing targets of the Japs.

During the daylight raid, 110 Jap planes were downed over another part of the island. There was no alert tonight.

May 12, 1945

Still in pup tents not doing anything. The usual alert…

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