Okinawa Diary – June 8, 1945


June 7, 1945, continued…

… our tent, for area to be bulldozed.

June 8, 1945

Took lumber out of an old Jap cave today to use for floor in tent.

Worked at Lab again tonight. One alert.

June 9, 1945

Had almost continuous alert early this morning, saw one plane, ack-ack light. Saw a large fire down in harbor.

Starting to work regular at lab. Another alert tonight.

June 10, 1945

Nothing today. New lab area is being built.

The fellas at Ieshima who came back here are telling us of the Jap suicide dives on the shipping there.

We also learned that mention was made on the newscasts back in the states about reconnaissance work in this area. The name of the outfit was mentioned, but it was ours, because we’re the only ones here.

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6/11 - 6/15 - Moved into a new tent on north side of area tonight...