Okinawa Diary – June 4, 1945


June 1, 1945, continued…

… morning. Nobody in tent heard the siren and we slept through it. Another alert today around noon. Nothing happened. Rained most of the day.

On G.Q. on line over at Yontan field. One alert – Nothing happened.

June 4, 1945

Rained all day. Inside most of the time. On guard tonight.

We lost another plane today. Major Taylor, C.O., bailed out when instruments failed while flying in storm. Picked up by U.S.S. Volunteer.

June 5, 1945

Finished Institute Course today (Alg. – 431) Started Geometry.

June 6, 1945

Worked at lab tonight on alert.

June 7, 1945

Worked at lab again tonight, didn’t get there till 4:00.

Two red-yellow alerts.

Dickey return from Ieshima detachment up there, is doing nothing. Moved …

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6/7 - 6/10 - Worked at Lab again tonight. One alert...