Okinawa Diary – June 28, 1945


June 27, 1945, continued…

… while taxiing from the runway.

Tonight I saw the Deanna Durbin show “Christmas Holidays

June 28, 1945

This has been my first real day off since we arrived here. Peel, Tabor and I went out taking pictures in the rough country south and east of here. We got some good color shots of scenery. We stumbled across the body of a dead Okinawan civilian, must have been killed during the first part of fighting, because it was pretty well decomposed.

Also visited the 1st Marine Div. cemetery and got a picture of it.

Saw the show “Jack London” tonight with Susan Hayward and M O’Shea.

June 29, 1945

Nothing Today.

June 30, 1945

Early this morning about 1:30 we were awakened by A.A. fire, and could hear the drone of an airplane…

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6/30 - 7/2 - Alert early this morning, nothing happened.