Okinawa Diary – June 27, 1945


June 26, 1945, continued…

… I saw a dark shapeless object come sailing down. The next morning we found it was tinfoil the Japs dropped to confuse our radar. We could see that the AA. was shooting at nothing sometimes.

Tonight Major Taylor called a meeting of the enlisted men to iron out certain grievances.

Saw the show “What a Woman” with Rosalind Russell and Brian Aherne, for the first time we weren’t interrupted by an alert.

June 27, 1945

Nothing much today.

We lost another plane today, C-47 ran into it on the field, nobody hurt. This makes four planes we’ve lost since we got here. Maj. Taylor bailed out of the first one, Kinkaid crashed and Bogarth nosed over…

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6/28 - 6/30 - Peel, Tabor and I went out taking pictures in the rough country south and east of here.