Okinawa Diary – June 23, 1945 – Remembering Pilots Lost


June 23, 1945

… pilots we’ve lost since the outfit started.

Warner was killed in a practice dive at Mill Rogers Fld.

5/44 – Capt. Bratachi was killed in Hawaii, also from buzzing too low. He crashed into mountains on the island of Hawaii.

6/44 – Hall was shot down by enemy fire off Jaluit in the Marshalls. This was while one of our detachments was on Kwajalein.

7/44 – Decker also was shot down by enemy fire. This happened while flying a dicing mission on Iwo Jima. The field there was later named after him. Hall incidentally was shot down on the same kind of mission.

3/45 – Cadwell crashed while coming in for a landing at Kualoa field on Oahu. He was side-slipping in when he lost flying speed and crashed just offshore.

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