Okinawa Diary – June 11, 1945


June 11, 1945

Injured my knee again – went to marine dispensary and was confined to quarters. Saw the show “Wilson” tonight. No air raids tonight.

June 12, 1945

Went back to Lab today. My leg is so stiff I can hardly get around!

Show tonight “Circumstantial Evidence”.

June 13, 1945

Nothing today – played poker tonight.

June 14, 1945

Worked at new lab area. Show tonight “Sunday dinner for a Soldier”.

June 15, 1945

Moved into a new tent on north side of area tonight. We haven’t any electricity although it was put into the others a week ago. Only Dickey and I are living in this one at the time.

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6/15 - 6/16 - Early this morning (3:00 AM) we were awakened by ack-ack fire.