Okinawa Diary – July 7, 1945


July 6, 1945, continued…

… raid. Those were our planes as we’re the only Photo outfit here. I saw all the pix.

Saw the show tonight “Son of Lassie“. The only good part of it was the beautiful colors seen in it. I’d like to know where the film was photographed.

July 7, 1945

Nothing much today. I worked late tonight. We leveled off the tent floor today.

July 8, 1945

Off this morning, made improvements around tent, not much to do except take pictures or fool around the tent.

Saw the show “The Southerner“. We were interrupted by an alert. Today was Sunday and for the first time we got Sunday off.

Went to ball game between Island Comp. and 28th. I umpired the game.

July 9, 1945

Nothing today. Did some film developing tonight.

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