Okinawa Diary – July 6, 1945


July 5, 1945, continued…

… started going off and all day there was one continuous crackle interrupted with an intermittent explosion that sent smoke bellowing a mile in the air. The whole sky east of our area was black with smoke. Occasionally a rocket or flair would streak up and leave an irregular trail of smoke across the sky.

Tonight we [were] over at the Marine area to see this show “The Conspirators“. During the whole show the sky was red from the burning ammunition. The dump covered four miles and contained a years supply of ammunition. The dump is about 3 miles from here.

July 6, 1945

Today we heard over the radio that photo planes were photographing the damage done by the 4th of July… (PX open today.)

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7/6 - 7/9 - Nothing much today. I worked late tonight.