Okinawa Diary – July 3, 1945


July 3, 1945

Today P-51 fighters moved in.

B-25’s made their first strike against Japan from this base. The first 25’s to bomb there since Doolittle in 42.

Tonight we were warned to be on the alert for snipers. The Marines warned of Japs moving north and some were spotted coming this way.

July 4, 1945

Today is the 4th of July but work goes on as usual. The only sign of this holiday was a 24 gun salute by all the big guns on the island.

Gen. Stilwell spoke on the radio today. He takes command of the forces here.

Saw show tonight “The Great John L

July 5, 1945

My day off, but I slept in this morning because of guard duty. I didn’t sleep very long because the 10th Army’s ammunition dump…

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