Okinawa Diary – July 29, 1945


July 28, 1945, continued.

… siren sounded about 3 min. later but I guess he dropped only 1 bomb. Finally finished all the work at 5:30.

Today we lost another ship. Lt. Boyd had to belly land when the wheels wouldn’t come down. He didn’t get hurt.

Worked on nite shift again tonight. Ten missions today.

July 29, 1945

Didn’t get off work till 5:30 A.M. again. Slept nearly all day. Going off nite shift today.

Saw show “City Without Men” tonite (L. Darnell)

July 30, 1945

Lt. Savino left for home today. His wife very ill.

Lost our seventh plane today. Lt. Homes went down while on a mission over Kyushu. He was one of the new pilots and on his first mission.

Guard duty tonite, one alert, nothing.

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