Okinawa Diary – July 26, 1945


July 25, 1945, continued.

… long, even when it’s raining.

More planes are coming in every day. Rained all day – No flights.

July 26, 1945

Rained all day again, no missions, so there’s no work tonight. (Most of work is at nite, because flights usually come back late in afternoon.)

Started navigation class tonite. Capt. Williams is the instructor.

July 27, 1945

The weather cleared today and there was a lot of flying and a lot of work tonite.

There are alerts around 11:00, just about the time we went up for midnite chow. Nothing happened.

July 28, 1945

Had another alert about 10 hours after the first one ended, but nothing happened. About 3:00 AM. we heard a loud explosion up on the airfield and the drone of a plane. The…

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