Okinawa Diary – July 23, 1945


July 22, 1945, continued.

… Show tonite was “The Bullfighter” with Laurel and Hardy.

July 23, 1945

Only one in the dept. again today. Nothing doing though.

July 24, 1945

My day off, but it’s raining out and there isn’t much to do but sleep. Saw a good show tonite “Betrayal from the East

July 25, 1945

Still raining.

Today Lt. Simpson was brought in by the Navy. He was in pretty good condition in spite of drifting in the open sea for a number of days. He went down on the 18th.

Tonite I’m working on the night shift, but there’s practically no work. Life is becoming more monotonous every day. There used to be excitement once in a while during air raids, but the Japs don’t come over any more.

B-24’s and 25’s and the new B-26’s are coming and going on missions all day…

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7/25 - 7/28 - The weather cleared today and there was a lot of flying and a lot of work tonite.