Okinawa Diary – July 1, 1945


June 30, 1945, continued…

… right above the area, and not very high. About the same time as this a string of bombs went off toward the airfield. The whole thing didn’t last five minutes.

Saw the show “Ministry of Fear” – R Milland, M Reynolds.

Worked late tonight.

July 1, 1945

Alert early this morning, nothing happened.

Today Dickey visited his buddy down on one of the ships in the harbor. He brought back a sack of sugar, coffee, 2 lbs fresh butter, cheese, bread, canned stuff, and a couple dozen porkchops. They ate half of the chops tonight.

July 2, 1945

Early this morning we [had] a short air raid. There was a heavy concentration of shooting, but I didn’t see any plane. The whole thing was over by the time I hit the foxhole.

Saw show Standing Room Only. Paulette Goddard, Fred MacMurray.

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