Okinawa Diary – August 9, 1945


August 8, 1945, continued.

… had lots of reprints on Nagasaki so it must be next.

August 9, 1945

Nagasaki was hit by the atomic bomb today. We had some pictures taken at an oblique angle from quite a distance. Billowing smoke and flames rose above the clouds. The plane was flying about 25,000.

Played our first league game tonight and got beat 7-4. They scored all their runs in one inning.

Saw a show tonite “You Can’t Live Forever” J. Garfield, G. Fitzgerald.

August 10, 1945

Had more pictures of the bomb hit at Nagasaki.

Today we got our first beer ration since we hit the island.

Practiced again tonite.

Tonite we heard the first announcement about Tokyo’s offer to surrender. It didn’t…

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