Okinawa Diary – August 18, 1945


August 17, 1945, continued.

… of our transports off Shikoku. The Japs have not given an official cease-fire yet, because actual terms have not been signed.

U.S. planes are still being fired at over Jap Islands. Today one of the new B-32’s came in shot full of holes, another proof that the war wasn’t over.

Today MacArthur gave the Japs orders to send envoys to Manilla to sign peace terms.

August 18, 1945

The Japs today said they could not get here in time and asked for extensions. MacArthur has given them till Monday to get to Manilla or the annihilation of Japan will begin.

(Show tonite “Can’t Help Singing“)

August 19, 1945

Sunday today. The Japs finally sent their emissaries. They landed at Ie Shima, north of here. From there they were escorted by P-38’s to Manilla…

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