Okinawa Diary – August 13, 1945


August 12, 1945, continued.

… but he finally crash landed it without getting hurt.

August 13, 1945

Today U.S. sent back to Japs terms allowing Emperor to stay.

August 14, 1945

Swiss announced that the new terms had been sent to the Japs, but no acceptance has been acknowledged by the Japs.

This is probably the most intense week of the war. We still don’t know whether we’re at peace or war.

August 15, 1945

This morning we got the news that the Japs finally accepted the last proposal. All missions were canceled and we knocked off work.

August 16, 1945

Off again today. Not much doing. Tonight we had an alert. Seemed funny with the war being over.

August 17, 1945

This morning heard that Japs attacked Island north of here. All attacked some…

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