Okinawa Diary – August 12, 1945


August 11, 1945, continued.

… by a score of 1-0. We lost on errors again. Saw the show “The Canterville Ghost“.

August 12, 1945

Just to prove that the war wasn’t over yet, today one of our planes was “jumped” by two Jap planes. They shot out one of the engines. Lt. Lowson, The pilot, thought he was all through and tried to crash into one of the Japs. He missed, but in the dive the fire on the engine went out, and he managed to get back on one engine.

His hydraulics was shot out and he had to make a crash landing. In the first attempt & landing he overshot the field. He had already cut the engine, and was nearly on the ground. It was a miracle that he ever managed to get the plane into the air on one engine. Dust was thrown up as he pulled was trying to climb up again…

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