Okinawa Diary – August 11, 1945


August 10, 1945, continued.

… take more than a minute and guns all over the island started firing. There were more tracers in the sky than during an air raid. Finally a Red-yellow alert was sounded and everything stopped.

Lots of the tents had bullet holes in them. One on each side of ours got one. One came thru the tent and stuck in the table in Waldron’s tent. I’m going to take a picture of it. But the news sounded good to everybody.

August 11, 1945

Today we heard reports that there were a lot of casualties from last nights shooting, some killed.

Were still awaiting news about the Jap proposal for keeping Hirohito in power.

Played another game tonight and got beat again…

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8/11 - 8/12 - Just to prove that the war wasn't over yet, today one of our planes was "jumped" by two Jap planes...