Looking Back… Okinawa Diary and WWII Memoirs

Eugene Neubauer, Hawaii, 1944

Compiled by Sgt. Eugene C. Neubauer
28th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron


Okinawa Diary

This diary was begun on the day we sighted Okinawa, May 6, 1945. It was closed on the evening of December 24, 1945, the day I arrived home, service discharge in hand, in time to celebrate Christmas Eve…

Okinawa Diary Table of Contents


WWII Memoirs

WWII Memoirs Table of Contents


Below, 28th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron. Video of early days (May 6, 1945) on Okinawa, before the photo lab buildings were complete…


The 28th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron was one of the U.S. Army Air Corps’ units.

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